Why does my tattoo fade?

Why does my tattoo fade?

Cosmetic tattooing is a fine and precise treatment that is designed to leave you with your most beautiful brows. The fading that occurs shortly after the procedure takes place is a completely normal part of the process. Cosmetic tattoos will fade overtime. Here are a few reasons why:


This is because we use biodegradable pigments, as opposed to the non-biodegradable ink used in body tattoos. The ink used in body tattoos is not as stable as the biodegradable pigments we use, and they may change colour or blur over time.


Skin types may also play a role in cosmetic tattooing. Oily skin tends to blur easier, as the skin is porous and likely to require more frequent perfecting sessions than drier skin types. Bonus tip: Oily skins are at risk of pigment rejection and are prone to pigment fanning into each other when micro bladed. For this reason, we would suggest Ombre or Powdered Cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows.


Cosmetic tattooing is implanted more superficially than traditional tattoos, and skin on our face also renews approximately every 40 days. The tattoo will lighten slightly as the skin is renewed continuously. Our faces are also exposed to environmental elements as well as daily skincare and skincare treatments, which may speed up the cell renewal process. However, there are benefits to cosmetic tattooing fading. A key benefit is as we age and our face shapes change, the fading tattoos will compliment your face for years and years to come.


Fading after your first appointment is also very normal. When brows are healing, they may scab, itch and completely disappear – this is totally normal! Don’t be alarmed!!! your skin is trying to heal just like it would a regular wound. This stage is called the “ghosting stage” the skin underneath may look pink/red or even ashy as it heals.  Once the skin has healed at approximately 28 days post-treatment, the pigment used will push through revealing what may look like a patchy brow, this is corrected at the perfecting session, when reinforcement pigmented strokes or shade will be performed.