Medical & Restorative

Kymberley Dench creates custom tattoo treatments that meet the unique and diverse needs of all clients ensuring a look that is as individual and perfect as you are. Combining medical expertise and artistry, Kymberley uses custom tattoo techniques to recreate and restore what nature intended, seamlessly enhancing your unique features, reducing daily maintenance and giving you the confidence to shine.

Cosmetic tattoo specialist Kymberley Dench can help conceal, recreate and restore balance and symmetry because you deserve to look and feel amazing.

Medical tattooing/ paramedical tattooing

Medical pigmentation treatments offer stunning results and can help to restore your confidence after surgery, trauma and the unwanted signs of ageing. Kymberley Dench takes care to ensure that every client is treated with the utmost respect, discretion and understanding.

Certain medical conditions and medications can have an impact on the results of cosmetic tattooing. The Kymberley Dench individual consultation process considers every client’s individual and unique needs caring for each client as a whole person. The Kymberley Dench approach seeks to nurture and enhance body, mind and soul – from outer skin to all the way within.

Treatment Options

Scars and burn treatments

Skilled cosmetic tattooing along with meso therapy can flatten, minimise and conceal scars resulting from surgery or an accident. Perfectly matched permanent pigments blend the scars into the surrounding skin tone, fading them away while micro-needling applied to the area softens hard scared tissues.

Alopecia, hair loss

Advanced techniques in cosmetic tattooing can replicate brows and lashes even for those with hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment and other hair loss causing conditions.

Hair simulation

Suitable for men and women this technique helps to simulate hair by forming a hair-like hair line. It can also be used to cover/fill-in bald spots due to scaring or simple hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment:

  • Comprises tiny needles used to apply dots to the scalp replicating natural hair follicles
  • Colour selected to match natural hair and skin tone
  • Ideal treatment to conceal patches due to thinning or receding hair, or cover/fill-in areas due to scarring from hair transplant treatment
  • 2 – 4 sessions are required depending on the size of area to be covered
  • Benefits include:
    • No continued maintenance* (see below – conditions)
    • Provides a natural look
    • Resembles a ‘buzz’ cut
    • Non-surgical option
    * Conditions and restrictions to lifestyle and daily activities – Colour is true to form however over time can lighten and may require maintenance for some skin types and for those who experience continued sun exposure.

Areola Pigmentation Treatment

Can be used to:

  • Recreate a nipple/areola post breast reconstructive surgery or accident/injury
  • Conceal and improve the appearance of scarring due to injury or surgery
  • Improve the aesthetic and symmetrical appearance of the breast
  • Helps boost feelings of self-esteem and improve overall body image

A minimum of 2 appointments is required to achieve an optimum outcome – some clients may require further maintenance