Accor Plasma Pen

A gentle and safe alternative to skin tsurgery

The Plasma Pen is a corrective cosmetic treatment that facilitates long lasting & immediate results in skin tightening & complexion improvement

A state of art device that creates a minuscule electrical arc at its tip. When plasma arc touches the skin, it vaporizes a micro millimeter size dot   on the epidermis. By applying several points in close proximity , a “reduction grid” is created in specific patterns tightening the skins surface and produces an increase in collagen production. A small hand held device, the plasma pen creates a small plasma flash to the treatment area. This results into a small crust forming on the skin after the heat has been created by the flash. This has a skin tightening effect and visibly lift the area, somewhat similar to the effect of an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, without the risks.

Most patients experience around 7days of downtime post procedure and therefore this treatment is best performed during the cooler months when the sun is not as damaging to the skin & it can be used to treat many different skin concerns, see FAQ below for more info or contact Kymberley to book your consultation!

Plasma treatments are effective in treating many different skin concerns. Some of the main concerns Kymberley regularly treats are:

  • Loss of Firmness and Elasticity
  • Sagging skin
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkes
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Scar Tissue Reduction
  • Skin Tag Removal

Usually only 1 session is required, for those who require more a minimum of 10-12 weeks between sessions is needed to allow for proper skin healing.

treatment you can expect mild swelling to the treated area along with some visible redness.

Crusts will appear on the treated area which will fall off over the next 7 days. It is important to not pick at these and allow them to simply shed on their own. Picking at the crusts can cause scarring to form on the ski. The skin then continues to improve over the next few months as the collagen induced by the treatment increases within the skin.

There are some protocols you need to adhere to prior to undergoing a plasma treatment. This will all be discussed with Kymberley at your consultation. They include things like

  • No Tanning and Minimal Sun Exposure
  • No waxing, plucking or shaving for at least 2 days before treatment
  • No Strong exfoliants, hydroxy acids to be used for at least 2 weeks prior
  • Some skin types may require a melanin inhibitor topically for a few weeks prior

Results are seen over the following months after treatment. After the first 7days you, once the crusts have shedded off you will notice an improvement to the skin, full results within 3 months. Most people find results can last up to 2 or more years.