Meet Kymberley

Philosophy, Passion, Skill & clinical Professional

“I’m passionate about what I do. I love nothing more than making my clients look and feel amazing” Kymberley Dench.
From an early age, Kymberley was fascinated by ‘beauty’ and her fascination grew and evolved leading her on her career journey – how to create, modify, enhance and conceal specific features to restore aesthetic balance. Her ultimate joy is to help clients look and feel amazing. Coming from a long line of professional Artists & Illustrators Kymberley was gifted a natural sense of proportion, perspective & style as well as a natural warmth and effortless ability to connect with people on both a professional and emotional level. Combining these innate abilities, Kymberley worked for many years as a cosmetic Nurse focussing in the areas of medical restoration and cosmetic enhancement and further developing her wonderful capacity to connect with, and truly understand the needs of her clients. She has an innate sense of colour and a confident, steady hand that allows her to create beautiful, natural features. Kymberley is the real deal and brings a natural sense of artistry, specialist knowledge of skin, healing, hygiene and overall health ensuring the best possible outcome for every client.
Over the past several years, Kymberley has come to be known as a master of microblading and combining shading with hair strokes. To stay on top of her game, she continues her education, holding multiple certificates in permanent makeup and completing post-graduate training in cosmetic nursing, and continues to collaborate with the finest in the industry!

Cosmetic Tattooing

“I was genetically blessed with thick luscious brows. But after many years of plucking, waxing and tweezing, my brow hair became fine and sparse” Kymberley Dench.

Over the years, Kymberley’s passion for brows grew into an obsession. Determined to learn everything possible to encourage and restore her once luscious brows, she soon learned the damaged caused by years of relentless plucking had been done. Regrowing her brows to their former glory was not an option. Not one to give up easily, Kymberley turned her focus towards other forms of repair and set out to source the best hair restoration knowledge and techniques available; working closely with some of the best tattoo technicians in Australia, UK and Europe. Kymberley enhanced her knowledge and skills, mastering numerous methods including combing, microblading and machine shading – ultimately crafting and fine-tuning her custom signature brow designs.

Kymberley Dench Academy & Clinic

“I launched the Kymberley Dench brand with one philosophy, to source quality education from around the world to give clients a brand they could trust” Kymberley Dench.

‘Good, better, best,’ this essentially sums-up Kymberley’s approach to her work. Kymberley has honed years of experience and hundreds of hours of training to achieve industry recognition as a master tattooist and a highly sought-after trainer. With her strong appreciation for knowledge and thirst for continual education and training, Kymberley stays up to date with the best cutting-edge techniques and technology from around the world, enabling her to remain at the forefront of industry innovation, and most importantly, ensuring her clients receive the very best outcome possible.

Eager to inspire and share with others, Kymberley launched her training academy. The Kymberley Dench Academy provides industry leading cosmetic tattoo training to current and budding industry professionals. Kymberley understands the need for life-long learning and development and is committed to giving students the best opportunity to learn and experience the latest techniques and skills in a collaborative and supportive environment. Delivered in her beautifully presented and state of the art clinic in Port Melbourne, all Kymberley’s courses are interactive, collaborative and hands-on, giving students the confidence to take the next step towards success in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

Kymberley Dench Academy

Propel your career. Learn world leading, cutting-edge techniques, practical skills and essential knowledge in a collaborative, hands-on and supportive environment