Kymberley Dench Aesthetics

Kymberley Dench creates custom treatments that meet the unique and diverse needs of all clients ensuring a look that is as individual and perfect as you are. Combining medical expertise and artistry, Kymberley uses custom techniques to recreate and restore what nature intended, seamlessly enhancing your unique features, reducing daily maintenance and giving you the confidence to shine. In the pursuit of excellence,  Kymberley Dench brings together the best and latest cosmetic techniques from around the world and the skill, artistry and experience of Kymberley herself, to deliver cutting edge, hands-on and industry recognised treatments.

Kymberley Dench Academy

Establish yourself as a key player in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Learn in-demand skills, knowledge and techniques from renowned cosmetic tattoo specialist Kymberley Dench and get set to propel your career in one of the hottest and fastest growing industries today. Kymberley has developed highly specialised training courses combining; the best, cutting-edge cosmetic tattooing techniques from around the world with the unique skill, artistry and industry experience of Kymberley herself, to deliver practical, hands-on and industry recognised training.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, an industry recognised qualification from the Kymberley Dench Academy will prepare you and set you on the path to achieving the business you want. Get ready to drive your career forward today.